Electric smokehouse with thermostat
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With this smoker you can easily smoke the most delicious meat and fish dishes yourself.


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Electric smokehouse with thermostat - an extremely high power model, which allows you to control the smoking temperature well and is easy to use. Ideally suited for smoking meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. Thanks to this smokehouse, you can quickly and easily prepare delicious, juicy and aromatic dishes.

The smokehouse has a double, magnetically closed stainless steel door, so you can easily maintain the correct temperature in the appliance. A thermostat and a thermometer built into the door help you regulate the temperature. The smokehouse is intended for hot and hot smoking. It should only be used outdoors, it should not be used indoors.

Please note that the device can reach different temperatures in the smoking room depending on the outside temperature (atmospheric conditions). Therefore, the button position does not set a specific temperature, so when you start working with the device, it is worth testing the effectiveness of smoking depending on the weather conditions. As you gain experience, setting the optimum temperature becomes more and more intuitive.

Warning! Before smoking for the first time, the smokehouse must be "burned", i.e. smoking without using food.
The drip tray, which is part of the smokehouse equipment, is used to collect the fat formed during smoking.
The wood chip box must always be placed in the space provided - it must not be placed directly on the heating element. The smoking process must be carried out with wood chips, which can create aromatic smoke and add flavor to prepared dishes. A handful of wood chips is enough to smoke - too much of it (and therefore a large amount of smoke) can cause the "woody" tone to give dishes too strong an aftertaste. If the color of smoked meat is not satisfactory, you can add some wood chips, but in moderation so as not to spoil the taste. Depending on the type of smoked products, it is worth using specific chips - for example, from cherry, beech or alder. It is recommended to moisten the wood chips before using them.

The smokehouse is immediately ready for use - no assembly required. Before use, however, read the enclosed instructions and install the individual components according to the manual supplied.

The smokehouse is equipped with:
- 3 grids,
- 1 plate with raised edge,
- 1 box for wood chips,
- 3 hooks,
- handle for safe removal of the hot grate.

The smokehouse is protected to some extent from water - a small amount of water sprayed on the surface and then wiped water will not damage the device. However, do not wash the appliance with pressurized water. For cleaning the smokehouse, it is recommended to use a small amount of water in combination with mild soap or baking soda and a sponge or soft scrub brush. Grates, wood chip tray, drip tray and hooks can be washed in a sink. WARNING! Unplug the device before cleaning!
The device switch and smoke exhaust vent are located on the back of the cabinet.

Dimensions of the device: 50 x 35 x 71 cm
- total power: 1600 W.
- adjustable smoking temperature
- voltage: 220 V-240 V ~
- frequency 50 Hz
- water resistance: IPx4

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