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Bijen houden   Bees                 Kippen houden   chickens
kalkoenen-houden   Turkeys            Parelhoenders   Guinea fowl
Ganzen houden    Geese              Konijnen houden   Rabbits
Geiten houden    Goats               Schapen houden   Sheep
Varkens houden    Pigs                  Runderen   cattle
Paarden houden    Horses

Why keep animals yourself, you may wonder, but the answer is "know what you eat".

"those who do not know the way from shit to mouth are very lost and do not live healthy"

By keeping your own animals with a lot of fun, reverence and love, you are not alone
good for them, but also for yourself, because one is always connected to the other, ie as an example, when the food is good then its excretion is obviously the same.
When it is processed again in the garden, that is good for the earth again, the soil is good for your plants, and the plants are therefore a good and healthy diet, for you but also for your animals, and excretion is again again a good manure for the earth, etc etc.
So you can make your own healthy cycle with a small piece of land and some small cattle.
We have put together a few animals for you which are extremely suitable for for the self-proprietors among us.

 Delicious honest food from your own garden of eden