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Fermentation Set - RotPot Mustard herbs
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Complete kit for making your own mustard. This RotPot comes with a pungent spice mix.


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Variatie: Fermentation Set - RotPot Mustard herbs

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Fermentation Set - RotPot Mustard herbs

Complete kit for making your own mustard. This RotPot comes with a pungent spice mix.
Mustard is the oldest and most well-known condiment in the world, used in virtually all cultures. But as obvious as it can be found in almost every refrigerator, it is also mysterious. Because how is it possible that this derailed cousin of the cabbage family (yes, the mustard plant is related to your cauliflower) with its rather intense properties and its distinct taste, has become so immensely popular? And how is it possible that with only three main ingredients (water, vinegar and mustard seed) there are so many different types? Learn to understand the chemical processes that make mustard mustard.

RotPot is a complete do-it-yourself kit that allows you to make the tastiest tasty mustard at home by means of fermentation. Firm...what? Ferment! An old preparation technique, in which yeasts and bacteria convert the naturally present sugars into mild acids. The pot can be used again and again. The separately available add-ons allow you to experiment with different recipes and ingredients.

Try it yourself! Everything you need is in the box.

What's in the box?
1x Mustard mix
1x Glass jar (about 1 liter) with mustard seed
2x Lids
1x Water seal
1x Ferment
Ingredients Mustard mix 'Sharp Herbs': sea salt, mustard seed, ground turmeric, ground fennel seed. Allergens: MUSTARD

What is a water seal?
The water seal ensures that the gas that bacteria and yeasts produce during fermentation can escape safely. It also prevents oxygen from outside getting to the mustard, which can spoil it.

Why ferment?
In the past, this technique was especially popular among people who did not have a refrigerator, because the lower acidity ensures that you can store products longer. Fermented products vegetables are not only very tasty, but also healthy. They are full of bacteria that are good for your gut.

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Carel - 09-09-2019 11:41

Samen met de zuukoolpot van 5 liter gekocht omdat ik wat dingen wil uitproberen op gebied van voedsel fermetatie.
Was keurig verpakt. Of dit net zo fijn werkt als de zuurkoolpot weet ik niet dat zalde tijd gaan leten. Maar gezien de beschrijving denk. Ik dat dat wel zal lukken. Heb al wat jaartjes ervaring met fermeteren.
Mooi product voor een zeer schappelijke prijs.

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