Goat breeds: the Dutch white goat, the Toggenburger goat and the Dutch goat.
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The goat is perhaps the best dairy animal for the self-proprietor. For someone with only a garden perhaps the only possibility. Goats are particularly efficient in converting green feed into milk and meat.
Keeping goats is a constant source of annoyance for one and for the other the best animal to have.
One thing is certain if you want to keep goats, and that is a very good idea given the delicious dairy products and meat that we get from this animal, it is a good idea to make good preparations before starting this.
For a not too large family the goat is the ideal supplier of all your milk products, it gives you 3-4 liters of milk a day.
Because of her size she is easy to handle and she can be satisfied with little space and poor soil.

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