Farm geese.

Geese hats

The goose used to be: eggs, meat, down, dung, goose pens for writing utensils, stabilizer feathers for arrows and goose pie.
Around 1850 there was a large trade in ducks and geese in Enter.

The big goose market was held in Coevorden. Export Eng./Du.
Large groups of Twente land geese were driven to the west via Zeist

Geese lay 2 eggs per three days.

The trade peaked between 1910 and 1915. (20,000 p.w. export)

After 1945, Twente land goose, the Groninger and Noord Hollander disappeared.

Mixing took place with wild geese and Chinese goose goose.

Twente gill gent weighed 5/6 kg. and the goose 4/5 kg. Color white-fur,

blue eyes, orange eyelids, orange beak and legs, no dewlap.



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