Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch
Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch Broedmachine model CT180SH Automatisch
Incubator model CT180SH Automatic
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The automatic incubator model CT180SH is a durable, extremely energy-efficient, beautiful, robust and reliable automatic incubator!


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Variatie: Incubator model CT180SH Automatic

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CT180SH automatic incubator (180 chicken eggs) :

This automatic incubator is fully automatic (turning the eggs, temperature and humidity control) and can be used for eggs of different sizes, from goose to quail.

It is a high-quality version with many attractive features:

  • Functionally, this incubator is equipped with two doors (one front door, one back door) for easy and complete cleaning of the device, a guarantee of success for the following broods.
  • Every element is very easy to access.
  • A thermostat with a super-accurate digital display (1/10°C) that provides absolute temperature stability during the embryo development process.
  • Perfect temperature homogeneity, lower power consumption, through the latest generation Air Route® ventilation system.
  • An automatic hygrometry management that can be set to the degree, with the electronic thermostat with digital display.
  • Simply set the desired humidity level, the incubator takes care of the rest. The water transported from the reserve to the distribution tank is sprayed into micromolecules by a nozzle and transported directly into the incubator.
  • Individual parameter setting of the audible temperature and hygrometric alarms.
  • Independence of the incubation tanks each equipped with a rotary motor for greater flexibility of use.
  • The equipment is supplied with a large number of incubators, giving the choice between incubating all eggs at once or partial filling for staggered incubation.
  • The included incubator baskets can hold 30 eggs (equivalent to a complete incubator tray) and are 6 in number.

Product Features :
- Dimensions: 36 x 60 x 88 cm
- Weight: 21 kg.
- Maximum power: 140 W

Incubation capacity according to the size of the egg:

  • 180 large chicken eggs
  • 120 turkey eggs
  • 216 pheasant eggs
  • 324 quail eggs
  • 48 goose eggs

- Incubation capacity: identical to the incubation capacity (6 baskets supplied)

- 6 baskets of 30 eggs (chicken) are delivered together with the incubator.

Some advice:

-Always use demineralized water to prevent clogging of the mixing membrane.

- Optimizing the cleaning

Disconnect the equipment, empty all accessories, also empty the water tank.

the incubator, which is easy to transport due to its weight.

two doors, dry clean with a small air compressor, then clean with a dry cloth.

lukewarm water with a sponge and then with a disinfectant without disinfecting the probe (sensitive to disinfectants).

Evolution 2022 :

Cimuka's goal is to offer incubators with the best hatching rates, so innovations are made every year. Here is the list for 2022:

- Possibility to set a temperature drop for a certain period of time to simulate the daily leaving of the nest by the mother, as in natural conditions

- Possibility to set an increase in humidity at the end of the period when the temperature drops, to simulate the mother's return to natural conditions.

- Extra outdoor sensor to guarantee the correct temperature of your incubator.

- Perfect stability of the hygrometry which is now controlled in the same way as the temperature (PID operation of the thermostat/hygrostat box)

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