Oesterzwammen kweken op koffiedik Oesterzwammen kweken op koffiedik
Oesterzwammen kweken op koffiedik Oesterzwammen kweken op koffiedik
Growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds
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Coffee grounds are the perfect raw material for growing oyster mushrooms and it is hot and happening.


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Coffee grounds. It's goo, get rid of it. No do not do that! It's a waste. Coffee grounds are the perfect raw material for growing oyster mushrooms and it is hot and happening.
For example, did you know that la place has tons of coffee grounds grown and that the oyster mushrooms are eventually served again in the restaurant? Something that was done much earlier in Zimbabwe has now come to the Netherlands. Now it's your turn!

Grow your own oyster mushrooms
What are you doing with your old coffee grounds? With organic waste or with residual waste? You can also grow oyster mushrooms at home with the Fungi Factory Growkit. And that is not that difficult at all. All you need is a little coffee grounds and some patience. And this grow kit of course! Nice for yourself or as a gift.

How it works
With the Fungi Factory grow kit you can grow oyster mushrooms on your own coffee grounds. It works with filter coffee, coffee grounds from the percolator, the espresso machine and Senseo pads. Coffee grounds are universal and nutrient-rich fungal soil. The oyster mushroom grows excellently on it. With this set you can also grow mushrooms. You work with small amounts of coffee, so you don't have to be a huge coffee lover to do this. It is also not necessary to save coffee grounds; you just put some coffee grounds in the bucket every now and then. If you have successfully harvested once or twice, you can restart the Growkit without needing a new bag of brood. It is emphatically not a disposable product. This way you can continuously convert your own coffee grounds into mushrooms.

Mushrooms are the perfect meat substitute
Did you know that producing and consuming mushrooms is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than meat? Mushrooms convert nutrients 25 times more efficiently than in meat production. An extra reason to eat more mushrooms (and less meat).
Oyster mushrooms are delicious mushrooms. They are nice and firm, contain a lot of vegetable proteins and have a nice full flavor. They fit perfectly in pasta and risotto, but are also delicious as a base for soup or simply fried with a little oil, pepper and salt. Enjoy your meal;)

The FungiFactory Growkit:

Comes with a bag of oyster mushroom spawn
Has a "label" of unsorted old paper
Assembled by BlueCity Rotterdam
Is a very nice and sustainable gift
Remember if you want to keep doing this in the refrigerator for a while

Diameter: 20 cm
Length: 15.5 cm


In 2030, more than 8 billion people will live on our planet. More than 65% of them live in cities on less than 3% of the surface of the entire world. But these cities produce 50% of the waste and 80% of the emissions of toxic substances.
In the meantime, we continue to source food from all over the world and burn the often very valuable residual flows from it as waste. As a result, we produce even more waste and we emit even more toxic substances.
How can it be?
Better and smarter. Among other things, by using a locally abundantly available raw material: coffee grounds.
After oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Almost 10 billion kilos of coffee beans are produced every year. The Netherlands annually imports 150 million kilos of coffee beans for its own use. An astonishingly small percentage of that ends up in your cup of coffee: less than 1%. Of the rest, we throw away more than 120 million kilos of coffee grounds and almost all of this ends up in the incinerator. While we can also convert it into food. Sustainably produced oyster mushrooms, for example.
What are the benefits?
Producing and consuming oyster mushrooms grown on locally available coffee grounds is very profitable, namely:
- Reduction of the amount of waste that goes into the incinerator and thus the reduction of CO2 emissions. We fix CO2 and do not emit it because our residual product is excellent compost.
- Reduction of transport kilometers by producing local food. All our raw materials are locally available and we only deliver to local parties. In addition, all our transport is electric.
- Increase in the supply of vegetable nutrition. Oyster mushrooms are an excellent meat substitute and also much more effective in the use of water than meat production. 15,000 liters of water is needed for 1 kilogram of beef. For 1 kilo of oyster mushrooms less than 5 liters.

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