Filter bag with reinforced bottom
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Easy to use and offers effective filtration, unrivaled filter bag with a reinforced bottom made of acid-resistant steel.


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Easy to use and offers effective filtration, unrivaled filter bag with a reinforced bottom made of acid-resistant steel. It is characterized by a large capacity (10 L) and a compact material structure. Unlike other filter bags - the reinforced bottom structure and ergonomic shape ensures filtration of almost the entire surface (corresponding to the diameter of the container to which it is attached). This guarantees a very high efficiency and a shorter filtration time. In addition, the filter bag is equipped with a special non-slip rubber that makes it easier to attach it to the container and keep it in place with the weight of the must. Cut-outs for the handles of the container offer extra protection against the removal of the bag during filtering and facilitate its assembly. The rigidity and stability of the bottom of the filter surface are supplied by two bars of high-quality acid-resistant steel. Both are placed in special, secured channels that prevent the bars from falling out and their direct contact with the container. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the bag, you can remove the rods after the filtration process is completed, making washing and storage of the bag hassle-free.
Due to the location of the bag in the container, it can easily be closed with a lid during filtration, which protects the contents against alcohol evaporation and protects against insects. Thanks to the dense material structure, the pulp and turbidity particles remain behind on the bag, which gives a 100% guarantee that the liquid obtained will be sufficiently clear.
The bag can be used on a bucket with a tap, allowing the liquid to be poured directly into the bottles.
The product is intended for a container with a capacity of 30 L.

1. Remove the bag from the package.
2. Place stainless steel bars in the channels at the bottom of the bag.
3. Position the recesses in the bag so that they are at the level of the handles of the filter container and then stretch the bag evenly around the circumference of the container (the edge with the rubber must be under the container handles).
4. Ensure that the bag is securely attached by pressing lightly on the bottom.
5. Pour the liquid into the bag.
6. Leave the contents free for filtration - it is recommended to cover the container with the bag or with a lid, so that the contents can be properly protected.
You can add more liquid during the filtration process.

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