The Dutch white goat is a Dutch goat breed that was created by crossing the land goat and the Saanen goat.
Around 1900 it was decided to cross the strong land goat with the milk-producing Saanen goat. For this purpose, 80 adult male goats and goats from Switzerland were imported in 1905. Between 1906 and 1910 about 600 saanen goats from Germany (Rheinhessen) were imported. After an import stop because of mouth and claw and the First World War one started working on the Dutch white goat through intensive breeding and strict selection. It is a goat that is known worldwide because of its functional value and breed appearance.

The Dutch white goat is the most common goat breed in the Netherlands.

Breed standard
The Dutch white goat is a long-legged, stretched, wedge-shaped, open-built milking goat in the right proportions: spacious heights, widths and lengths and a solid construction. A goat that is so constructed in terms of construction that it can realize a high milk production for a long time.
The head is striking and finely carved with standing, long ears and a straight nose bone. Then a long, supple, moderately muscled neck. The forehand is large and closed and flows smoothly into the middle hand. The middle hand is large and strong in the superstructure, with long arched ribs. At the hindquarters the cross is wide, long, flat and slightly sloping. The legs are hard and dry with a correct square position and a spacious, resilient step in progress. The goat has a well developed, long, broad and high attached udder and a correct teat placement. In addition to a thin, supple skin, the coat of the Dutch white goat is short and fine and of course white in color.

The adult male goats have an average withers height of 90 to 95 cm and a weight of 90 to 100 kg, while the adult female animals have an average withers height of 75 to 80 cm and a weight of 70 to 80 kg. A male goat is bigger, more robust, wider and deeper than the female goat, especially the foremost heavier and deeper and the hindquarters slightly lighter.

The Dutch white goat has a high milk production, which keeps the goat in the professional dairy farm. She gives between 3 and 5 liters of milk a day. They can achieve an annual production (about 300 days) of more than 1500 kg of milk. Some goats even give more than 10,000 kg of milk during their lifetime.

Dutch white goat

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