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Self-sufficient life who does not occasionally dream of it?
Yet it is becoming more and more a reality, because the possibilities were never as big as today to be not independent of energy, with solar and wind energy within reach.
So build your own windmill, lay your roof full of solar panels and plant vegetables and fruit in your garden.
Keep a few chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat and you're already on your way.
On this page we have made a collection of interesting sites that can help you to make your dream come true.
Use it to your advantage!

Keeping Self-sufficient Animals

Zelfvoorzienend Tuinieren Zelfvoorzienend Klussen Zelfvoorzienende Energie

Dating site

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Indien u een intressante, mooie, informatieve site heeft willen wij hem wellicht toevoegen op zelfvoorzienend leven. Ook uw mening en tips zijn van harte welkom. Neem contact met ons op door een bericht te sturen naar info@natuurlijkerleven.nl

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