Losse zak voor Bag in Box 5 liter Losse zak voor Bag in Box 5 liter
Losse zak voor Bag in Box 5 liter Losse zak voor Bag in Box 5 liter
Separate Bag in Box 5 liter bag
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The bag-in-box bags with outlet tap and box with apple decoration are a cheap and practical alternative to heavy bottles or plastic drums!


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Variatie: Separate Bag in Box 5 liter bag

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The bag-in-box bags with outlet tap and box with apple decoration are a cheap and practical alternative to heavy bottles or plastic drums!


Space saving: The multiple of apple juice can be stored at 1m³. The space required for the empties shrinks considerably.
Better quality: It can now be filled by the space saving more apple juice directly after pressing into the final package.
Direct juice! Previously, the juice had to be stored in tanks. Therefore, additional cleaning is eliminated.
indirect direct juice: Even private individuals and small fruit producers can fill their apple juice in the bag without much effort.
Greater variety with better quality: smaller bottlings become profitable, you can conveniently fill special juices.
But not only juice, but also wines, apple or perry can be preserved and stored in it.
The wines do not get air when tapping so the wine stays in it for months despite the constant pin.
Plastic bag with drainage tap including accompanying box with apple decoration!


Heat the freshly squeezed apple juice in a large vessel to 80 ° C.
You can: In a stainless steel keg with a large immersion heater or with a large Einkochautomat with tap and with adjustable temperature controller or with a large pressure cooker with about 30 l content. on the electric stove.
Check if the juice in the big vessel is 80 ° C and stir well with a wooden spoon.
(Drain the bottom of the stainless steel keg 10-20 l and empty it into the keg at the top, so you get a uniform temperature everywhere)
Pull the rooster off the juice bag and place it in a clean place.
Fix the juice bag in the bag holder.
The bag should rest on a wooden or plastic top, so that it can not cool down so quickly when filling.
Now fill the bag quickly with the hot juice.
Do not overfill the bag, otherwise it will not fit in the corresponding box.
Then push the remaining air in the bag out of the bag with one hand and with the other hand push the tap into the bag opening.
If necessary, wash away any leftovers on the bag or on the tap with hot water. Finished.
Carefully turn the bag onto the stomach so that the tap points downwards.
It is best to cool each bag individually and then pack it in boxes or crates. (Watch out for sharp edges).
Keep bag away from sunlight, mice and cats well protected in a dry place
The juice stays in the juice bag for 12-14 months.


Stand the cardboard upright, press in the approx. 2 cm large, circular cardboard pieces, then break out of the pre-cut cardboard opening and pull it out.
Grab the cock in the box.
Turn the box over, then fix the tap in the cardboard wall with the cardboard piece pulled out beforehand.
Now tear off the red fresh crucible on the cock.
Taps Now you can tap the juice.
We recommend to tap at least 0.2 l at once without interruption.
Do not place the tapped carton, otherwise air could enter the bag via the closed tap.
To tap the last few liters, set the box at an angle.
Empty the last remainder by cutting the bag with scissors.


The juice in the unopened bag lasts for 1-2 years, as in the glass bottle.
The juice in the tapped bag will generally last 3-4 weeks or longer depending on the circumstances.
The lower the tapping temperature, the longer the shelf life.
The more juice you tap all at once, the better. Tapped pouches can sometimes last up to 9 months without fermentation.
The bag-in-box bags can only be used once.


It is not recommended to place the tapped carton upright, otherwise air can penetrate through the closed tap into the bag: danger of mold or mold threatens!
Only transport the tipped cardboard horizontally.


The empty bag soiled with juice residues is best disposed of immediately above the trash can by incineration.
The bag is made of polyethylene (PE) for foodstuffs, it contains no plasticizers, formed during the combustion of dioxide (CO2) and water.
When disposed of in landfills, PE releases no pollutants in the air, water and soil.
The used carton can be brought to the recycling yard.

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